Scott H. Bentley


The Son of a…Banker. It seems fitting that Scott’s chosen career path is in finance, having grown up in and around the banking world. Though born in Montreal, a transfer brought the family back to Halifax when he was just a year old, the place called home. Formative years were spent in Halifax, right up and through graduating from Saint Mary’s University with his Bachelor of Commerce. After the familiar rite of passage, travel and soul searching abroad in Australia, complete with a near-death experience, he made a decision to complete post-graduate studies in Information Technology; along the way he was named Class Valedictorian.

One solitary resume was sent out; this paved the way to a move from Halifax. The ‘Corporate Career’ job relocated him to the Midwest of the US of A working as a Business Analyst with a small company called IBM. After a conscious decision that cubicles and motels simply weren’t for him, a chance meeting led to a move that many may have questioned at the time. Joining a small boutique mortgage firm allowed him to combine his love of finance, real estate and helping people, into one pivotal role, which is still held near and dear well over a decade later. A real estate finance career spanning from Ohio to South Florida and, eventually, like many other Maritimers before him, back home to roost in Halifax.

The ability to hone his skills with the help of great mentors and amazing clients over the years has led to the creation of ‘The Bentley Group’ with his business partner Igor Geshelin, proud members of the Premiere Mortgage Centre family, Canada’s 2013 Mortgage Brokerage of the Year. Often cited as the ‘go-to’ person for financing investment property acquisitions, spearheading real estate portfolio growth, and renovation/construction projects, Scott has been featured in numerous media outlets including Canadian Real Estate Wealth, Canadian Mortgage Professional and CBC News.

A firm believer in practicing what he preaches, Scott has personally been through the process step-by-step of nearly all facets of real estate, including rental properties, bank foreclosure acquisition, renovation, resale and commercial projects including The Bentley Group’s own downtown office location.

He currently resides in Bedford with his beautiful wife Kristy in a home they designed and built themselves. In his spare time there is a slight possibility that he may be found at Duggers Menswear.